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Why Purchase From US
  • 15 Years life span & Extended Warranties
  • ISO 9001:2000, 3C, CE Certification
  • ERC & KEBS Approved
  • Heat preservation:72-80 hours.
  • Huge Saving on Power and Fuel Charges
  • Wind, Snow & Hailstone Resitance
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Works Even in Cold Weather
  • Delivery Options Available
  • Huge portfolio of Past Projects & Happy Clients
  • Market Best Prices
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

About Solar Water Heater Kenya

We deal in supply and installation of Seven Star Solar water heaters; one of the most popular and trusted solar brands in the world; reknown for its efficiency, durability and modern design. We have a complete line of pressurized and non pressurized solar water heaters available in a variety of capacities to suit your needs. We offer the best solar water heater prices in kenya.

Our range of products include solar collector, split solar water heaters, integrated solar water heaters, vacuum tube and flat plate solar water heaters.

All our products are KEBS and ERC (Energy Regulatory Commission) Approved.

Our Price List

Non Pressurized:

100L --> Ksh 50,000

150L  --> Ksh 56,000

200L --> Ksh 62,500

240L  --> Ksh 69,000

300L --> Ksh 78,500

360L  --> Ksh 87,500


150L --> Ksh 73,000

200L --> Ksh 78,000

300L --> Ksh 107,000

Installation Cost: Ksh 10,000

How To Reach us

Phone: 0720 803295

Email: info@solarwaterheaterkenya.com

Location: Atlantis business park, Off Mombasa Road

Openning Hrs: Mon-Fri: 8 am to 4:30 pm
Sat: 8 am to 1 pm

Best Sellers

Category: Non Pressurized
Capacity: 150 L
Supply Ability: 3-4 Person
Price: Ksh 56,000

Category: Non Pressurized
Capacity: 200 L
Supply Ability: 4-5 Person
Price: Ksh 62,000

Category: Non Pressurized
Capacity: 240 L
Supply Ability: 5-6 Person
Price: Ksh 69,000

Category: Non Pressurized
Capacity: 300 L
Supply Ability: 6-8 Person
Price: Ksh 78,500

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Choosing The

The Solar Water Heater Kenya

The electricity bill in Kenya has hiked and many people are confused on what to do to manage the power cost. Various stakeholders have given their views on what should be done by power consumers. One of the interventions proposed is the use of solar water heaters. The solar heating unit is a system that is absolutely independent of hydroelectric power upon installation. This means that your power bills will drastically come down when you fix it. In Kenya, the government has issued a directive that residential and commercial buildings that have a consumption capacity of more 100 litres of water must install solar water heating unit. Due to this requirement, many companies and distributors have emerged involved in selling the unit. We are one are one of the leading solar water heater supplies in Kenya and offer products that are superior, unique and affordable. We offer products that are specifically tailored for the Kenyan market and which will suit clients from all parts of the country.

What makes us one of the leading Solar Water Heating Companies in Kenya

We have a list of referrals
Most of the companies and suppliers that deal with these products in Kenya do not have people whom you can contact and have views on their products. We are different because we have a list of the clients that our prospective customers can call and have testimonials about our products. We want our customers to hear what the past clients are saying before making their decision to buy. We believe that using this strategy helps the customers to make informed decisions before investing in our solar water heaters. Furthermore, because we sell superior quality products, we do not have anything to hide from our clients.

Importance of the warranty
The warranty covers you in case the system has certain defects. It is important to buy a unit that has a warranty spanning for a long time. It is important to carry out some research and ensure that you buy your unit from a reputable company that has a good track record. This is because, there are some companies that may provide a long warranty but may collapse after a short time. It is advisable to read the warranty keenly so that you understand what is covered and what is not. This ensures that when you are placing a claim, you are demanding for something that is covered by the company. We ensure that all our units have warranties and clients are covered in case the unit has any defects. We have contacts of the best contractors who can repair or maintain your units with pocket friendly prices.

Affordability is our key driver
We understand that price is determined by various factors for example the manufacture or the warranty period. We offer good quality products at rock bottom prices. Our vision is to see that all our potential clients are able to access the products and use them to save on energy bills. Unlike our rivals who are profit driven, we are different because we want our clients to buy the unit at affordable price. Furthermore, we deal in various products that have different price to enable the clients buy what they can afford. We offer a variety of solar water heaters with different capacities and prices so that the buyer can choose on what suits their budget.

Licenses certification
It is advisable to purchase solar products licensed suppliers because their units have been tested and proven to meet certain standards. Furthermore, licensed suppliers may be enjoying certain subsidies from the government that may be transferred to you. In Kenya, such suppliers or companies are certified and licensed by the Energy Regulatory Authority. We are fully certified and licensed to offer these products in Kenya. Our products are of the highest quality and customers get value for their money. We advice potential clients in the Kenyan market to be cautious when buying these products because there are many suppliers who offer low quality products. You need to buy from licensed dealers to be assured of the quality of your heater.

Our Solar water heaters are ISO Certified, ERC & KEBS approved.

We are conscious of the various needs and expectations of our customers. As such, we offer a variety of solar water heaters that provide clients with various choices. This is meant to enable the customer to buy the best heat that they can afford. Due to the fact that the various kinds of solar water heaters are priced differently, the customer is able to evaluate their budget and buy want they can afford. Our solar water heater prices in Kenya are the best in the market.

Best products
Our products are the best in the market because our main focus is quality. We aim at providing our customers with products that exceed their expectations. We ensure that we buy from the best manufacturers who make solar water heaters that are of the required standards. We ensure that the products we offer have the best warranties and are made using the best techniques and technologies. We deal with products that have been tested and verified by industry regulators to be the best. When you buy from us, you must always remember that you have bought the best unit in the market because we always have you in our mind as regards to the quality of products to we offer.

Ultramodern techniques and technologies
We offer solar water heaters that are made using ultramodern techniques and technologies. This is to enable the client to get the best product that effectively and efficiently serves the purpose. In terms of products that are made using the best technology, we are outstanding and leading in the Kenyan market. We want our clients to have a memorable experience with products that are of high quality and that exceed their expectations. With 15 years lifespan, you are assured of a long term product.

Other services
Apart from selling the product to you, we organize for its installation using our technicians. We provide maintenance and repair services at very affordable rates. Our aim is to ensure that the heater is well installed for optimal performance.

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If you are in need of solar water heaters in Kenya, buy from us because you are guaranteed of the best and affordable products.